This song uses a minor musical modality. Fancy phrase, the important point of which is that this song has a different kind of "feel". It turns out that minor key songs, which unfortunately are often relegated to Halloween only, can be quite evocative to young minds (yours and mine as well). You child experiencing music with different modalities, different tempos, different instrumentations and arrangements, is a good thing! This song is also a "round", where people in a group can start the song at different times and it still sounds good. (As opposed to, say, "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young, which sounds not-so-good if you and your friends start it at different times, singing together. Try it sometime and see for yourself.)


Oh how many camels did you see across the sand?
It looked like eleven but maybe thirty-seven I did see.


from songs i like to sing with you, released March 23, 2014
An old folk melody that has been home to many sets of lyrics. This set about the camels is the one I grew up with. Did you grow up with something different.



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mark adamczyk Lake Bluff, Illinois

I've been singing songs and enjoying music with families, professionally, for more than a decade. I'm not so much a performer (I save that for my "grownup" music in the evenings) as I am a facilitator, encouraging and enabling people to sing and make music on their own. Listening to somebody else sing a song is fine, but singing on your own and with your family can be much more fulfilling and fun! ... more

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