there was a crooked man

from by mark adamczyk



lots of these old nursery rhymes are still with us after, like, centuries! They can still be fun, even if we don't know what the heck a stile is. (It's a ladder/platform thingie that helps one over a hedgerow, by the way.) Rhymes help us more readily understand the meanings of sentences (because we can anticipate the coming rhyming word). Children eventually pick up the sound-alikeness of some words and preschoolers discover that they can substitute other rhyming words. Rhyming is a simple game with a easy-to-grasp (for a preschooler) rule.


There was a crooked man
Who walked a crooked mile.
He found a crooked sixpence
Upon a crooked stile.
He had a crooked cat
That chased a crooked mouse,
And they all live together
In a little crooked house.


from songs i like to sing with you, released March 23, 2014



all rights reserved


mark adamczyk Lake Bluff, Illinois

I've been singing songs and enjoying music with families, professionally, for more than a decade. I'm not so much a performer (I save that for my "grownup" music in the evenings) as I am a facilitator, encouraging and enabling people to sing and make music on their own. Listening to somebody else sing a song is fine, but singing on your own and with your family can be much more fulfilling and fun! ... more

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